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Frequently Asked Questions

People LOVE quizzes because a) they're so much fun to do and b) they tap into the power of self-discovery. People are way more interested in themselves than anything else. If you're offering them an opportunity to get to know themselves better or compare themselves to their peers, that's an irresistible promise, no matter what market you're in.

The point of marketing is about building relationships. Most people are not going to buy anything from you the first time they come across your website. If you jump in too quickly to force a sale or even to ask for their email address, it's kind of like talking about marriage and kids on a first date, right? It turns people off, and the answer is more likely to be no. 

Quizzes present a set of non-threatening multiple-choice questions before you ask for an email address. They enable to actually get someone's contact details so you can keep talking to them and make them a lifelong customer. 

Extremely well! In Episode 135 of Marketing School marketing guru Neil Patel reported that quizzes were working very well on his sites and added, "We just don't talk about it much because we don't want everybody copying us."

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